Tuesday, June 11, 2013

気持ち (きもち) kimoji

I grew up using this Japanese expression "kimoji"- sort of like gemütlich in German, good atmosphere in English and 氣氛 in Chinese.

Since I have been trying to learn the Japanese alphabets since around the time when I became telepathic again, based on the sound I have used gazzillion and a time in my life so far, I used hiragana to come up with the spelling for kimoji- きもじ.  Yet, I simply couldn't find in any of my googling result stating kimoji is like 氣氛 in Chinese.

So I thought of this Taiwanese friend of mine who seems to be really well-versed in Japanese and sent her this SOS message, "how do you write in Japanese "kimoji"?"

Following is the ensuing conversation:

  • Expert, "気持ち (きもち)"
  • Ratprincess, "thanks... so it is not ji but chi?"
  • Expert, "ya"
Also (German)... 

So it is... 気持ち (きもち or kimochi) in Japanese is きもじ (kimoji) in Taiwanese Japanese!

Could have continued to be wrong a million and a time more!  Except, in Taiwanese Japanese, 気持ち would remain to sound like きもじ (kimoji)-- I guess.

(This was originally posted in Ratology Reloaded on November 5, 2012.  Decided to cross-post it here.)

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