Friday, June 7, 2013

Yīng yīng měi dài zi 英英美代子

Before my accident in June 19th, 2007, I hardly knew what it be like to be Yīng yīng měi dài zi (英英美代子).  Then, I found myself entered into the Yīng yīng měi dài zi era.

"Yian yian mo dai zi" is a Taiwanese expression meaning... hanging there doing nothing or “閑閑沒事做” .  It's been very fashionable to pronounce Taiwanese in Mandarin these days.  This is why people came up with the genious idea of converting the Taiwanese expression of "Yian yian mo dai zi" into the mandarin expression of "Yīng yīng měi dài zi" or “英英美代子.”  英英美代子, at the same time, looks like a Japanese name in Chinese... something like Ying Ying Miyoko.

So, if you hear me saying that I am a 英英美代子的無業遊民.  It means that I am an unemployed (無業遊民) hanging there doing nothing ( 英英美代子). (8-O Auch...)

And, the next time someone ask you what you have been up to, you can reply by saying, "Yīng yīng měi dài zi (英英美代子) la!" 8-O lol

(There seems to be some issue with the youtube clip with the recorded pronunciation... hope it will be resolved soon since I've gotta go nite nite.  Got the issue figured out... how I could play the clip. I have to unjoin the HTML 5 trial in order to see the clip.  Guess the HTML 5 player didn't like this my being Yīng yīng měi dài zi 英英美代子 while people are working so hard to get its specifications nailed. 8-O lol)

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