Friday, August 16, 2013

Puerto Plata principle

"Puerto Plata principle?"

When I was in the resort of Puerto Plata, DR., there were open bars everywhere and they even come to restuff alcohol in the refrigerator on a daily basis. A drinker's paradise!

The only problem was that it wouldn't be too much fun if I get too boozed up and wake up with one of them hangovers that last for days with me religiously worshiping the porcelain God by giving back everything I consume. As a result, I had to be disciplined with my drinking- drinking enough to get the money's worth yet not so much that I would wake up with a huge hangover. It was an art to appropriate and an essential art to keep on drinking.... 8-O lol

So, during my recovery process and still, every day, when I find myself having the propensity to push and push even more, so I say to myself... "Puerto Plata principle."

(This was derived from a post originally posted in Ratology Reloaded)

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