Friday, June 7, 2013

Bèi gē gē 貝戈戈

貝戈戈 (Bèi gē gē ) is a term I apply on myself all the time.  If you put all three characters 貝戈戈 (Bèi gē gē ) together with 貝 (shell) on the left, and one 戈 (dagger, knife) stacking on top of the other on the left... you get this character... 賤 (oops... pardon me for my French).

There are many ways to interpret the word 賤 (which is not really a nice word to use).

What might be a context to for me to use this God knows how to translate expression of "貝戈戈"?

Why am I trying to work on a book that might not even sell or be read, especially ain't like anyone force me to do it?  I am 貝戈戈 (Shell knife knife).

Brought it to myself... sadomasochist... almost...

Remember to not use this word on the others unless you really know what you are talking about... it's sort of like a swear word... not nice for you to use it on people... OK?

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