Monday, April 15, 2013

From Ontogeny Recapulates Phylogeny to Copegeny and Ratogeny

One phrase I learned in the first class in the human development department and forgot how them words were spelled... Ontogeny Recapulates Phylogeny... as per evolutionary theory.

According to the Merrian-Webster Dictionary online:
  1. Ontogeny:  The development or course of development especially of an individual organism
  2. Phylogeny: The evolution of a genetically related group of organisms as distinguished from the development of the individual organism (ontogeny) 
The "geny" part is associated with genesis...

For instance... what is pathogeny?  That'd be the genesis or development of pathology... illness, disease.

Remember my multiglot?  Since glot is about "tongue, language,"  what would glottology be?  Ya, the genesis of language.

Look at all these words with genies... I decided to create a word or two myself...  

What about copegeny?  The development or the course of development for coping? 8-O

Or, Ratogeny... the development or the course of development of Ratology? 8-O lol

OK... think it is enough for me to create two examples of neologism in a day... words communicable amongs mes, myselfves and Is...  lol

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